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This website was started as one of many "spare time" (ha!) projects by it's original owner. It is currently owned by Ray McIntyre aka 'Kiwimac' and is maintained and updated when I have a few spare hours and the inclination to work on it. The idea for this site came after it's first owner had been involved for several years in the study of Bible versions, history and translation - with a large amount of investigation into, and subsequently opposition to, KJV-onlyism.

During research into KJV-onlyism, the names of B.F. Westcott and F.J.A. Hort came up very often, because of their work on the Greek New Testament of 1881 and their extensive work in the area of textual criticism. The very first book I read on the subject contained entire chapters dealing with "exposing" Westcott and Hort as heretics and occultists. I tried to locate some of Westcott's and Hort's books so I could verify the claims for myself, but I quickly discovered the books were quite rare and hard to come by (several reprints have been recently made available, check out the Bookstore for a list). All I could find out about Westcott and Hort, and their books, was what other KJV-only authors repeated.

I thought it would be a great idea to share it - to make the hard-to-find books available in general, to help others in their investigation/refutation of KJV-onlyism. Each book is worth reading and packed with wonderful orthodox Christian commentary and information, and I think making them all available to the public (as the texts are now public domain) would be a worthwhile effort.

In the fall of 2003, the first owner began scanning his books into the computer, running the images through OCR software, and then converting the text into webpages and other readable formats. It was a relatively slow, tedious process, and he made little progress. Eventually It was found that Google was also scanning many old books, including several by Westcott and Hort, making them available at However, the .pdf files they generated are basically just the scans of the pages, i.e. images only, and not searchable or selectable text. Soon after, other books were found on where many scans of old books had been done by Microsoft, but theirs were not only images but also searchable and selectable text! I abandoned my own scanning, and collected their .pdf files instead to put on this site. If I am unable to find via or the current owner may still scan other info that has been collected by him to date. Please visit the Bookshelf to see their books, request scans of what's not online yet, and help me find the ones I'm still looking for - with your help, we can make this site more complete.

The texts on this website are public domain (unless indicated otherwise), but the articles and actual .html files that comprise this site are not. The downloadable books contain their own redistribution info (usually free to redistribute, except for commercial purposes). Simply contact me if you want to use any of these pages or articles, or if you're unsure what you can freely use for your own purposes. If you use anything from this site, please mention this site.

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